This is about the attraction/one-sided relationship between Panini and Ceviche. Ceviche is madly in love with Panini, but she doesn't feel the same way because she loves Chowder.

Panini For President

When Panini and Ceviche are hanging up posters, they then compliment each other by calling each other "awsome". Ceviche then randomly says "I so wanna kiss you!". Panini then looks shocked and goes silent. But she breaks the silence by saying "So um, yay election, yeah!". He then repeats what she says.

The Dinner Theatre

When Chowder tells Ceviche that Baron Von Bon Bon (Gazpacho) has "killed" Panini, Ceviche then replys "Oh my gosh! Panini's dead?! I never got to tell her how much I loved her!". Chowder then asks him if he'll help him. Ceviche then says "We must avenge Panini's death.". Ceviche keeps saying this throughout the rest of the episode.

The Apprentice Scouts

Ceviche offers Panini to help her up the mountain but she replys that she doesn't want help. Chowder then takes advantage of his offer, so Ceviche is left carrying Chowder.

Old Man Thyme

After Chowder finishes his conversation with Panini, he walks off and she says, lovingly "(Happily sighs) he's such a little weirdy!". Ceviche then pops out of no where and says "I'm a little weirdy too!".

Hands On A Big Mixer

Ceviche asks whether Panini would go out with him or Chowder. Panini then looks disgusted and replies "Chowder, of course. Your more like an older brother to me, or second cousin, or a neighbour I pass, occasionaly." Ceviche then replys "Someday you'll love me! SOMEDAY!!!". He then runs away, leaving him out of the competition.

A Faire To Remember

Ceviche tries to flirt with Panini throughout the whole episode. Panini tries to use his affections towards her to make Chowder jealous. But it fails because he kept trying to kiss her which lead her to run away, screaming. She then uses him to distract Chowder and he replys "Anything for you, my love." Later, during the joust, he is in the audience sitting next to Chowder. He then sees Panini and says "Look, Chowder, there's Panini. I LOVE YOU PANINI!!!!!".

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