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Occupation Master of bakery, Past Apprentice
Age 12 (Child)

30 (Adult)

Affiliations Ms. Endive (Past Master),
Ambrosia (Apprentice)
Family Chowder (Current Husband) The Panchowbies (50 Children)
Species Cat/Bunny/Bear
First Appearance Chowder's Girlfriend
Last Appearance Chowder Grows Up
Voice actor Liliana Mumy (child/normal)

Grey DeLisle (adult)

Panini is a 12-year old girl and one of the main characters in the series. She became a great chef under the tutelage of her teacher, Ms. Endive. She has a huge crush on Chowder and tries to get closer to him despite him not wanting to become more than friends.


Panini is a pink bunny/cat (cabbit). She has her ears tied like pigtails/ponytail and has rose colored eyes. Her regular outfit is a yellow dress with light green polka-dots and a light green heart in the middle of the dress. She has green shoes and a polka-dotted hair band that ties her ears.

Also stated by the creator, she was going to be names Borlotti and she was going to have pointy ears and wear something with her face being the only thing not covered. She was going to instead of being in love with Chowder, be a bully to him having them in a relationship C.H Greenblatt described like Tommy and Angelica Pickles from Rugrats.

However, the creator dropped the pointy ears idea as he felt it didn't fit with the drawing styles of Chowder and he wasn't fond with that behavior as he thought he needed to make her more "sweeter and cuter". He then thought of a concept of Panini being in love with Chowder, since Chowder is not old enough to fall in love with females, according to Greenblatt this aspect would frustrate Chowder "in a more fun way".


Panini is very loyal to Ms. Endive and gets punished by her whenever she fails her, according to "The Apprentice Games". Panini always obeys Ms. Endive's demands, even if it means hurting Chowder.
Panini as Cindy Lauper in Sheboodles!

Panini is also a good Sniffleball player. In one episode, Panini thought that she and Chowder had a Bluenana Baby. Panini also has a dark side, like when she violently forced Chowder to hold her hand and when she almost beat Gazpacho into a pulp. She sometimes seems to dislike Gorgonzola due to his constant bullying of Chowder.

Episode Appearances


  • She is currently the only female Cat/Bunny/Bear aside from Ambrosia.
  • She opened a bakery and has an apprentice named Ambrosia when she grows up.
  • She is named after a sweet bread pastry and grows up to be a pastry chef.
    • However, Borlotti (which was supposed to be her original name) are beans.
  • She's also named after an Italian pressed sandwich.
  • Panini, like many of the characters in the main cast, has broken the fourth wall.
  • She is shown to have a dislike for Gorgonzola because he picks on Chowder.
  • Chowder and Panini are friends as he does deeply care about her; however, Chowder doesn't want to have an intimate relationship and only wants to stay friends with her.
  • She is younger than Ceviche.
  • Despite having tall ears, she can fit them in small hats.
  • She stated she wanted 12 babies while Chowder, if he decided to settle down, would have one. When they marry, they end up with 50 children.
  • When Panini goes berserk, she turns into a cat with sharp claws such as in the episode Bluenana and attacked Gazpacho mercilessly. Also, In the Apprentice Games, Panini can be seen in cat mode.
  • In Punch Time Explosion XL, she synergys with Hoss Delgado


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