The Panchowbies are Chowder and Panini's children. There are 50 Panchowbies, thus possibly, there are 25 sons and 25 daughters.

In the series finale, Chowder Grows Up, at the end of the episode, Chowder and Panini get married, and she has 50 babies (20 of them were born in 1 day.) Chowder tells Panini to stop having babies for having this many.


  • Their name appear to be an amalgamation of their parents' names (Panini and Chowder) and the word babies.
  • Said on Hands On a Big Mixer, Panini wanted 12 babies, and said on The Prank, Panini wanted to call them Panchowbies.
  • If you count the babies, there are actually more than 50, if you count the extra body parts that are babies behind other babies.
  • One of Panchowbies looks like Chowder, another one of the babies resembles Panini. These two might be the oldest.
  • It appears as though Panini's children are fully developed within a day. Although it could be that it has been over nine months or so since she got pregnant.
  • One Panchowbie resembles C. H. Greenblatt. He is the largest.
  • Each Panchowbie is a mixture of Chowder and Panini (with the somewhat exception C.H. Greenblatt baby).
  • In The Prank, Panini declares that her and Chowder's babies would have been called 'Panchovies' rather than 'Panchowbies'.
C&P 50 Babies

Panini and the Panchowbies.