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Chowderland 003

"The Happiest Land of All Lands"_Chowder

Paint the Town is 34a episode of middle season. Chowder creates a fantastical world on a canvas dimension when Mung, Shnitzel and Truffles canvas boss Chowder around.mung send chowder to the starship room for 10 weeks. chowder was mad.bugs saw chowder get mad. chowder do splash the blow,put the trash in worng, eat to fast and to slow and... but chowder get it but chowder crash into the wall but chowder call it chowder land. but Pepperjack rules over Chowder Land. So he gets out of the land. He made the land so Mung,Shnitzel,and Truffles would'nt boss him around.



  • cn side war for the castle
  • the battle between two lands
  • join chowder or the king and queen of worng and his army of worng to save or defeat.
  • how it going to be the chowder and army of chowder land or the king and queen and his army of worng
  • back in chowder world there was a darl place the castle of worng. the king and queen call it WAR between chowder land and worng. inside the castle the king and queen sent 10 knight to spy on the kignt of chowder land there mision is top secret once they get the signel the army of knight of wrong attack chowder land town. it's up to chowder and his knight of chowder land to save his city befor the knight get to his castle. the battle has just begun.
  • chowder giggle.
  • mung - chowder can you stop it?
  • chowder - what?
  • mung- lets try it again hold the spoon like your holding a lady and go one,two,three.
  • chowder- one, two, and.... giggle.
  • mung- stop right now i told you that was wrong w.r.o.n.g wrong.
  • bugs- what happen to you?
  • chowder_ don't say it.
  • mung- next.

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