Tired of everyone bossing him around, Chowder discovers a place where anything he draws comes to life, and rules over what he dubs "Chowderland."


Chowder becomes frustrated after Mung, Truffles and Shnitzel keep telling him everything he's doing is wrong. Chowder wants to express himself, and gets sent to his room for talking back to Mung. After breaking through the background of his room, he finds himself in the white background and with a box of "finger paints." He discovers anything he draws comes to life, and draws a red triangle person who he names "Pepperjack."

Mung comes into room to apologize with Truffles and Shnitzel when they discover Chowder's work, which Chowder dubs "Chowderland." Despite being dubbed "the happiest land of all the lands," when the citizens begin to request him to draw more things for them, Chowder gives Pepperjack the paints. Pepperjack uses the paints to continually make copies of himself which begin to take over (and beat up Shnitzel.) Mung apologizes to Chowder and says he'll stop telling him what to do all the time and asks him to come back. Chowder refuses, but he realizes Chowderland is being taken over by Pepperjacks. He tries to stop them, but when he runs out of paint, he resorts to Plan B; placing a huge dresser over the hole. However he had left Mung, Truffles and Shnitzel behind and are unable to escape before they are attacked by the Pepperjacks.



  • Chowder discovers "Chowderland" by breaking through the background into the white void.
  • Mung breaks through Chowder's thought bubble after Chowder remembers Mung's words wrong.


  • Truffles references the fact Chowder isn't their son.
  • Mung replaces Chowder with Gazpacho briefly.
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