Pâté is a Dancing Master who tutors Ceviche.

He made his first appearance in "Chowder's Girlfriend" where he was hired by Chowder to sing a song entitled, "I'm not your boyfriend!", to Panini.

His next appearance was in "The Apprentice Games," where he and his apprentice Ceviché were competing for the sake of having fun while the other contenders were only in it for the awards. After witnessing the selfishness and brutality exhibited by the other competitors, he explained that the games were supposed to be about having fun. Soon afterward, he and Ceviché discarded their medals and disappeared into a portal in the sky.

He also appeared in Panini For President, where he supervised the apprentices' speeches, and has appeared periodically throughout the series as a backup character. Namely, in the following episodes:

  • The Lollistops (he appeared briefly to tell Chowder and Gazpacho that the next obstacle was a Doozie.)
  • The Grape Worm (where he spots Jam and proceeds to tell everyone that Gazpacho had a grape worm at his stand, inciting a riot.)
  • The Dice Cycle (Chowder accuses Ceviché of wrecking his Dice Cycle, whereupon Mung challenges Pâté to a duel to settle the matter.)


  • His elongated eyelashes and black bowler derby are an obvious reference to Alex Delarge from A Clockwork Orange.
  • He may be parody of the late Michael Jackson.
  • It is said by Greenblatt himself that Pâté is an LGBT character.