Old Man Thyme (mistakenly Old Man Time by Chowder) is a green-skinned old man with glasses who owns a paperweight company named after himself. His physical appearance and voice makes him very similar to the old bank teller from "Shnitzel Makes a Deposit". He has a very calm-toned voice, even when having to call the police. He's married to an old woman named Parsley.

In "Old Man Thyme", Chowder mistakes him as Old Man Time and thinks that he is the cause of people becoming "The Old". Chowder wants to defeat Old Man Thyme so that he'll never grow old. Old Man Thyme kindly introduces him to himself and his wife and offers special discounts for his paperweights to Chowder, but Chowder thinks it's a trick and smacks a paperweight out of Old Man Thyme's hands and proceeds to wreck his store, causing him to call the police on the child. Chowder boards up the door and expects that to keep Old Man Thyme in the store forever, but the police remove it. Chowder later hires a baby army to attack Old Man Thyme, but it just creates a baby infestation. Old Man Thyme calls the police for a final time, and Chowder ends up in jail.


  • Old Man Thyme's voice is done by Tom Kenny, most known for the voice of Spongebob in the titular Spongebob Squarepants.
  • He has a bad memory as well as a short-term memory, often forgetting the number for 911 even if he says it out loud a few seconds prior.