Officer Po-boy is an officer for the Marzipan City Police Department. He was seen with the other police officers in "The Wrong Customer" and "The Hot Date". Officer Doug is somewhat of a jerk, stating in "The Hot Date", "Just remember, girls love it when your a real jerk to 'em," followed by, "That's a lie, I'm so lonely."


Officer Po-boy is a tall duck covered in baby blue feathers with an extremely large head and a light yellow beak. He has a small tuft of feathers on his forehead that sticks out from under his officer's hat.


  • His large head resembles Pops' from Cartoon Network's Regular Show.
  • Officer Po-boy's name comes from a Louisiana sandwich known as a Po' boy. It is traditionally served on New Orleans French bread and primarily consists of meat, specifically either roast beef or fried seafood.