An early photo drawing of the place.

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The usual picture of the place.

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The catering company when it's snowing.

Mung Daal Catering (Also known as, "Mung Daal's Catering Company") is owned by Mung Daal and Truffles. Mung is the Head Chef, Shnitzel is the assistant chef and janitor, and Chowder is Mung's cooking apprentice. Truffles is Mung's wife and cashier, both Truffles and Mung Daal are said to be over 500 years old.

The catering company has a living quarter's tower, stretching several stories upward. The tower is also home to Mung, Truffles, and Chowder; Mung and Truffles live in a room on the first floor, while Chowder lives upstairs in his own room, with his pet stink cloud Kimchi (Kim-Chee). Surrounding the tower is a wooden ramp which leads from the top floor, down to the courtyard below. It's purpose is likely to serve as a fire escape. At the towers base is a courtyard with a fountain in the center of it as well as a large garden. Access to the different floors of the tower is from a spiral staircase. There are about three large chimneys poking out from the building which are held up by large chains attached to the main tower.


  • Business can sometimes be slow at times possibly due to Truffles bad-mouthing Mung's cooking causing bad publicity.
  • Sometimes to clean the place, Shnitzel comes out of the scene and shakes it like a rug whipping off the messes.
  • Beneath the building an underground mine can be found complete with port-a-jons and coffee shop.
  • Its possible that the company has been built before Mung having Chowder as an apprentice.
  • The kitchen is based on the kitchen of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton; both kitchens sport the palm tree designs.
  • In "Chowder Grows Up," it's revealed that Chowder will eventually take over as Head Chef and Scraps as his apprentice.

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