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Vanessa Endive
Backlit endive
Occupation Master Chef
Age 56
Affiliations Panini (apprentice),
Mung Daal (rival)
Family Unnamed ex-fiance
Tina (Great neice)Todd (ex boyfriend) Shnitzel (Future Husband)
Species A Carrot-Anteater-Elephant
First Appearance Chowder's Girlfriend
Last Appearance Chowder Grows Up
Voice actor Mindy Sterling

Ms. Endive is a master chef. Panini's her apprentice and is the main antagonist of the series.


Endive early work
Endive Prototype
Chowder0626Added by Chowder0626

Endive's character stayed constant throughout the initial development. The long nose, which changed from a rectangular shape to a triangle shape for the final version, represents how Endive looks down at other characters. She is described as being much larger than other characters, and it is a running gag in the series that Mung mocks Endive's size in comical ways. Her hair is fairly short, is a sickly shade of green, and flips upward at the ends. Her everyday attire is a long-sleeped somewhat floral red dress. Her swimwear is normally a leapord print bikini.


  • Endive might have a crush on Mung Daal. In At Your Service, Endive said,"YOU'RE ALIVE?!", in The Apprentice Games she points out to Mung they're alone together then he backs away and screams "HELP!", and in The Prank where twice she almost says she loves Mung, but is interrupted before she completes her sentence.
  • Endive's name was Fatanne Elizabeth Endive, but Mung changed it to Vanessa, but calls her Endive.
  • Endive's probably a pastry chef, because she's shown to usually make baked goods.
  • It's possible that Mung's older than Endive considering that on some occasions she calls him "old man." This may be true, because while Mung has white hair, Endive's hair still hasn't lost its color (although she may dye her hair, and she wouldn't have a crush on Mung if she weren't as old).
  • Endive lives in a massive mansion with a huge swimming pool.
  • She's almost always barefoot.
  • Many fans think Mung is Endive's ex-fiance, because in Chowder's Girlfriend, it's revealed that Endive's fiance never showed up on the day of their wedding, thus breaking her heart and causing her intense misandry. But C.H. Greenblatt confirmed in Wondercon 2008 that Mung's NOT the jerk who ditched Endive on their wedding day.
  • In the episode Panini for President, it's shown that she enjoys being covered in mud.
  • In Shnitzel Quits and some of the episode she has a crush on Shnitzel as just like Panini has a crush on Chowder.
  • The episodes The Heist and The Prank have drawn a confusing question: Who does Endive love? Schnitzel or Mung?
  • She likes to eat her toejam with a fork, but then she starts eating it with a spoon as it was revealed in Endive's dirty secret.
  • Endive might of lifted Lead Farfel as seen in Shnitzel And The Lead Farfel because if you look closely,it says on one of the lines Endi, so it's possible that's Endive.
  • She's usually seen with razor sharp teeth.
  • In The Birthday Suits, Endive's seen in her underwear.
  • Endive married Shnitzel in Chowder Grows Up.
  • She's named after a type of lettuce called Endive, which has pointed leaves.
  • Panini normally calls her "Ms. Endive," although Endive and Panini seem to have a mother/daughter type of relationship, similar to how Mung and his wife, Truffles, act as parents to Chowder.
  • Endive is the main antagonist of the series
  • Endive has a swimming pool.
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