Mr. Sambal
Occupation Criminal
Affiliations Shnitzel
Family Claims to have a wife and a dog
Species Owl
First Appearance Appears on a wanted poster in "Shnitzel Makes a Deposit," officially in "The Wrong Customer"
Last Appearance Gazpacho!
Voice actor Diederich Bader

Mr. Sambal is considered to be one of the most dangerous men in Marzipan City and is on the Marzipan City Police Department's most wanted list. He appeared in "The Wrong Customer." Due to his blindness (or vision problems) he often crashes into things with his snail-car which causes massive property damage and he also seems to be hearing impared as he cannot interpret what others are saying, this often causes him to mistake other people for his family or something else. He may also be a bit senile as he was seen eating dinner plates thinking it was a sandwich.

Mr. Sambal appeared again in the episode "Gazpacho!." This time he was shown as a bus driver. He had the same accent, but had a different voice, and had perfect eye sight and good hearing. In his role Gazpacho goes on his bus to find his mother. He's so slow that Gazpacho couldn't take it anymore, so he threw him out the window. Then Gazpacho crashed his bus.


  • He thought Shnitzel was his wife.
  • The Marzipan Police Department are considered his "frenemies."
  • His snail car's eyesight is as terrible as his.
  • Mr. Sambal also appeared in the episode GAZPACHO as a bus driver. He, surprisingly, managed to avoid crashing into objects.
  • His eyesight is like a bat's althought he looks looks like an owl.
  • After both The Wrong Address, and GAZPACHO, it is unclear what became of Mr. Sambal.
  • Before the events of GAZPACHO!,Mr. Sambal might have gone to the eye doctor to get his eyesight fixed.
  • His personallity and appearance is very simillar to Mr. Magoo.

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