Mr. Chicken
Mr. Chicken explaining why he needs help.
Aliases N/A
Occupation (possible) Apprentice
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Affiliations Chowder (soundalike)
Family N/A
Species Big Chicken
First Appearance The Scariest House In Marzipan
Last Appearance N/A
Voice actor Nicky Jones

Mr. Chicken is a big bird that may be an apprentice. Mr. Chicken's presence was merely for a gag. He was supposed to make you think he is Chowder until you see the real Chowder, who was right in front of him. Being rejected by Gazpacho, he mumbled in disappointment, "Oh. All right, later." This hints that Gazpacho must help him a lot, perhaps even the same amount as Chowder; yet Gazpacho prefers assisting Chowder even more, despite the fact Mr. Chicken and Chowder had the same problem.

He is not supposed to be a lookalike, but he shares the same voice of Chowder. He sounds like Chowder and even wears the same hat. His real name is unknown, but Gazpacho called him "Mr. Chicken". Also, the credits call him "Mr. Chicken".


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