Money pile

A pile of dollops and sments from "Shnitzel Makes a Deposit".

Money, in Chowder, is the form of currency based off dollars and cents. Dollars are dollops, and cents are sments. The change that represents a single sment are referred to as shmennies, the Marzipanian penny.

Conversion rates

The conversion rates are unknown, however it is possible they are the same as in real life where 100 cents (or similar currencies) becomes one dollar (or a relative currency).[citation needed]


Marzipanian currency is mentioned all throughout the show. Episodes it has been mentioned in include:

Season 1

Season 2


  • In "The Chain Recipe", Chowder mentions how finding a shmenny will bring about good luck for the rest of the day. He also recites the phrase, "Find a shmenny, pick it up, all daylong you'll have good luck." This is a reference to how, in American and British culture, finding a penny is considered good luck. This belief is associated with the expression, "Find a penny, pick it up, and all the day you'll have good luck."
  • There are rare moments where real world currency will be mistakenly named in place of Marzipanian currency. An example is in "Grubble Gum" where the Screaming Vendor charges "one dollar" for three screams.[1]


  1. "That will be $1." - Screaming Vendor, "Grubble Gum"

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