Marzipan City Police Department
Aliases M.C.P.D or McPd
Occupation Police Officers
First Appearance The Wrong Customer
Voice actor Diedrich Bader, John DiMaggio, Tara Strong, Dana Snyder,Dwight Schultz

The Marzipan City Police Department consists of cops who try to protect Marzipan City from any crimes. They think they're the best police force in Marzipan City, but they are actually not very good. The cops were apparently convinced by Endive to arrest Mung, Chowder, Truffles, and Schnitzel, claiming them to be suspects for putting chocolate pudding in her pool. Although the true criminals remain unknown, Ms. Endive most likely assumed they were the criminals because of her intense rivalry with Mung.


Sergeant Hoagie

Officer Sloppy Joe

Officer Killbot

Snow Leopard

Officer Cheesesteak

Officer Loose Meat

Officer Monte Cristo

Officer Grinder

Beaver Cop

Officer Doug

Officer PB & J

Officer Po-boy

Hippo Cop

Snake Cop



In total, the M.C.P.D. (Marizan City Police Department) has 12 officers that protect Marzipan City.

The M.C.P.D. makes an appearence in only two episodes.

The cops are all named after sandwitches except for Snow Leopard, Killbot, Beaver Cop, and Monte Cristo.

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