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Occupation Beautician-in-training
Affiliations Chowder (Friend)
Panini (Previously rivals, now friends)
Ceviche (Crush)
Species Pig/Frog
First Appearance "A Faire to Remember"
Voice actor Mary Matilyn Mouser
Marmalade is a pig/frog makeup apprentice who only appears in "A Faire to Remember." Her best friend is Chowder, which made Panini think they were in love, but they're not. Marmalade actually has a crush on Ceviche, but he doesn't feel the same way. In the end Panini became friends with her. She runs a beauty make over stand with make-up made with fresh pie. She appreciates fine cutlery as well. Her favorite food is chicken. Her catch phrase is "Yuk Yuk Yuk!" C.H. Greenblatt said she'll be the second major female character in the series behind Panini, and get a female best friend named Vanilla.


  • The Marmalade/Ceviche relationship is a parody of the Chowder/Panini relationship. In that while she loves Ceviche he does not return the feeling, shouting in monotone "I'm not your boyfriend!"
  • Marmalade being a Pig/Frog is a possible reference to the relationship between Kermit and Piggy in the Muppet franchise.
  • She seems to fully support Chowder and Panini as a couple though possibly to get Panini out of the way of her and Ceviche's "relationship".
  • She likes Chicken as stated in "A Faire to Remember".
  • She appreciates fine cutlery.
  • Among the Makeup she has in her stand are: strawbarbleberry lipstick and face makeup made of bluenanas and strawbarbleberries,
  • She resembles the pigs from Angry Birds, however her first appearance was before the game was released.
  • She also resembles to Fred Fredburger from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, who the creator of Chowder, C.H. Greenblatt voiced. Both of them have a similar appearance and both have catchphrases.

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