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Marmalade is a pig/frog beautician-in-training who only appears in "A Faire to Remember". Her best friend is Chowder and she has a non-mutual crush on Ceviche.

She runs a beauty stand with makeup made with fresh ingredients.

Due to a misunderstanding, Panini interpreted Marmalade's and Chowder's friendship as Marmalade trying to become his girlfriend, causing her to become jealous. In the end, Panini became friends with her.


  • The Marmalade/Ceviche relationship is a parody of the Chowder/Panini relationship.
  • Marmalade being a Pig/Frog is a possible reference to the relationship between Kermit and Piggy in the Muppets franchise.
  • Her favorite food is chicken.
  • She appreciates fine cutlery.
  • Her catch phrase is "Yuk yuk yuk!"
  • Some of the makeup she has are made of foods such as strawbarbleberries and bluenanas.

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