Chowder-Mario theme parody

it's-a me! chowder!


Two crown roast salesman that looks like Mario and Luigi.


Bowser reference.

Mario parodys were seen in Chowder. In Chowder and Mr.Fugu they're were two characters that look like Mario and Luigi. In Sniffleball there was a background of Super Mario Bros. turning Chowder, Gorgonzola and Panini into 8-bit, retro pixel videogame characters. Aparrently, Gorgonzola had the role of Bowser, Mario's worst enemy. Another reference of Bowser was in Big Ball. In the Big Ball games if a team doesn't follow the rules and hits a goal, a turtle like monster will throw everything away in a huge garbage can and say "Game Over", referring to the game.

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