Margarine is a old woman who was seen in Shnitzel Quits, Endive's Dirty Secret, Sheboodles and The Party Cruise. She plays the piano for a job and doesn't know when to stop. She looks old, has pink hair, and has one tooth by the bottom of her lip. She works for Endive. In The Party Cruise she worked for Reuben. She doesn't seem to talk. In Sheboodles, in the tanning machine that Endive was in, she put the tan on high so she could get a tan but then turned to bacon. Then Endive ate her because she didn't know. She somehow was able to get back to normal. She is now in love with Todd.


  • Margarine is a type of butter substitute.
  • In the 80s party she had a mohawk. We don't know how she got back to normal or how she got out of Endive.
  • In The Party Cruise and Sheboodles she plays the turn table.