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"Mahjongg Night"
Season 1, Episode 6a
Airdate: November 30, 2007
Director: Shaun Cashman
Story: C.H. Greenblatt
"The Wrong Customer"
"Stinky Love"
"Mahjongg Night" is the twelfth episode in the first season of Chowder. It is the twelfth episode overall.


Chowder learns that messing with Truffles' game night means certain doom. But he's willing to risk it all for a taste of the Meviled Eggs she's serving.


It is night time in Marzipan City, and Mung and his crew have prepared some meviled eggs. Chowder wants to taste one, but Truffles hits him with a frying pan, saying they are only for the ladies coming for her game night tonight. The ladies arrive and Truffles sends Mung and Chowder out of the kitchen. While they walk up to Chowder's room, Mung tells him about how when Truffles plays Mahjongg, she turns into a beast called the "Mahjongasaur". Apparently Mung used to have a beard along with his mustache but Truffles ripped the beard right off of his face when he distracted her from her game.

Mung also tells Chowder that a professional chef should be patient. If he waits untill tomorrow, he can have all the mevilled eggs he wants. While trying to sleep, Chowder tries not to think about the eggs, but he fails. He makes his way down to the kitchen while dropping his pillow on purpose. Truffles catches Mung coming back into the kitchen looking for his work out gear. Truffles rips off half of Mung's mustache as warning for distracting her. Mung walks out while Chowder has snuck under the table. He tries to get one of the mevilled eggs, but grabs the one of Mahjongg pieces. Truffles catches him and chases Chowder back into his room and boards up the door.

Chowder, believing that if he apologizes to Truffles she would give him some mevilled eggs, makes his way out the window and around the side of the tower. On his way he sings a song about the mevilled eggs, which annoys The King of the Sky who is drinking a soda. The King tries to shut Chowder up by blowing at him and throwing his drink at him, but Chowder dodges it. In frustration, The King also sends out a cloud to clobber Chowder, but Chowder runs from the cloud. He manages to make it to the kitchen and apologizes to Truffles, while the wind blows her colors off. She chases Chowder back up to his room again and chains him in bed.

Chowder decides to finally go to sleep, saying that he is a professional. He closes his eyes but wakes up again and vows that he must have the eggs. He breaks his bed free and hops it through the boarded-up door and down the stairs. Meanwhile, Truffles is about to lose a hand to her friend Empanada. However, before she can declare a victory, Chowder flips the bed and sends himself flying, crashing right on top of the mahjongg game, allowing Truffles to take the win. After the ladies leave Truffles, realizing that Chowder destroying the table allowed her to win, gives Chowder an egg as a reward. Chowder eats it, only to discover that he hates the taste of meviled eggs.

Fourth Wall Breaks

  • The cloud sent by the King of the Sky blows wind so hard that all of Truffles' color is blown off.


  • Truffles: (to Mung) Honey? (Mung turns and she rips part of his mustache off)

Mung: (weakly) Ladies.

  • Chowder: (singing) Mevilled eggs, gonna get me some mevilled eggs, mevilled eggs, gonna get me some mevilled eggs.


  • In C.H. Greenblatt's blog he stated that this episode was a personal one, based on when his mother got together with her friends to play this game, and wanted to do the story from the moment he pitched the show.
  • In this episode, Mung Daal talks about Babe Magnet, was as seen on "Apprentice Appreciation Day".
  • The term Majonggasaur may be a reference to a real-life dinosaur from Madagascar called Majungasaurus.


  • Kiwi says, "Now that's some good thinking Chowder!". But in the closed captions it says that Panini is saying it, even though Panini wasn't in this episode
  • Truffles ripped a part of Mung's mustache off, but later in the episode his beard is normal again.
  • When Chowder takes off his blanket, the bite mark that he made in the blanket disappears.
  • On one 2012 rerun, the pop-ups from the Chowder Grows Up marathon were strangely retained for some reason.


Official art


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