Lo Mein

"Mung Daal's biggest failure, the Won Ton Bomb" Lo Mein

Lo Mein was Mung Daal's former cooking master. He's a short man with a very Chinese-sounding accent and shamrock-like head, who used to own a restaurant. He was seen in "Won Ton Bombs", telling about Mung's greatest failure as an apprentice, the Won Ton Bombs. Truffles said that she found him out on the street telling embarrassing stories about Mung Daal.


  • Lo Mein is named after the Chinese noodle dish, Lo Mein.
  • Lo Mein is voiced by James Hong.
  • Lo Mein's clothing design is the same as Endive's only blue.
  • Lo Mein's mentioned by Chowder in Chowder Grows Up.

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