Limon makes his first appearance in Gazpacho!


He is a skinny man whose head is a lemon. He is dressed in a karate outfit, Limon has a red headband and belt with a dragon pattern on it. He has white teeth, freckles and lines under his eyes.


Like Gazpacho, he is grown man who lives with his mother. His voice is deep and serious, probably modeled after samurai Jack. He knows a lot about Confucious, and knows some Spanish. His mother makes him take piano lessons. They always put Gazpacho's mail in his mail box by mistake. (Even though he keeps telling them.) He used to be a kindergarten school bus driver but was fired because of his reckless driving (as claimed in Gazpacho!). He is terrible when it comes to defeating people, as referenced when Squigly Mother came and he "attacked' her by doing chops which basically creeps people out.