"Gazpacho, I got your mail. They keep leaving it in my mailbox, even though I keep reminding them NOT to."


Leemon (Leh- Mone) is a lemon headed person. He is Gazpacho's neighbor who keeps getting Gazpacho's mail.


  • Leemon says one of Confucius's quotes in Spanish but what he is really saying is "The burritos are very wet because they have a lot of cheese."
  • Leemon acts like a cool tough guy,but he doesn't attack and sounds like Bruce Lee.
  • His voice actor is Steven Blum, and the deep voice he does for Leemon is a well known characteristic of his. Blum also uses this voice for the animated versions of X-men's Wolverine.
  • He only carries $100 bills.
  • He takes piano lessons.
  • He lives with his mother just like Gazpacho.
  • He lives across the street from Gazpacho.

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