Larry being held.
Aliases Cherry, Jingleberry
Occupation N/A
Age N/A
Affiliations Mung (owner) Gazpacho (seller)
Family N/A
Species Jingleberry
First Appearance The Thrice Cream Man
Last Appearance Banned From The Stand
Voice actor N/A

Larry "Lawrence" is a living Jingleberry. He was seen in The Thrice Cream Man and Banned From The Stand. Larry only has one tooth outside his mouth in his appearance.


  • Larry thinks he's a cherry.
  • Larry has his own car (although missing).
  • Larry parties well with others.
  • Larry always bothers Mung about landing on top of things that need a cherry on top of them
  • Larry was originally going to be a "dingleberry" but Cartoon Network wouldn't let them name it dingleberry so it was named Jingleberry instead.

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