Chowder knishmas
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Gazpacho dressed as Knish Kringle

Knishmas is a holiday based off of Christmas.

Knish Kringle

Knish Kringle is a cross of Santa Clause and some kind of blue worm. He comes down a chimney and if the Shminger Bread House(a life size ginger-bread house)you made tastes good, he'll put a weird fog around it, eat it, and leave gifts under the debris. If he doesn't like it, he'll go into an unstoppable rage and destroy the house. Gazpacho was dressed as him and Chowder thought it was the real Knish Kringle.


Knish Kringle leaves all kinds of gifts from toys to kitchen tools. Chowder wanted an Electric Broccoli trimmer with a detachable non-electric cauliflower trimmer.

Simple as a pickle in a cup.
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Gazpacho in a Santa Claus suit
On knishmas eve you have to make or buy a shminger bread house for knish kringle to eat if he enjoys it he will leave magical gifts, but if he doesn't he will DESTROY your house. he will also take a crap on all your furniture