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Knish Kringle as he Appears.

Knish Kringle appears in the episode "Hey Hey It's Knishmas!". He does not look or act anything like Santa Claus, only that he likes milk and cookies along with Shmingerbread houses. He has four parts of his body which all look like big round balls, suggesting that he might be a millipede or centipede. He has a beard and no hands. He wears a white "skin sack" (as Chowder puts it), leaving only his face visible. He has eight legs with shoes on them. He usually kicks people to get their attention. He has foggy breath and can regurgitate presents that he doesn't swallow. When he encountered Chowder in the episode, he kicked Gorgonzola twice. Gorgonzola then kicked Panini, telling her to pass it on to Chowder. Panini got angry and started beating up Gorgonzola. Chowder noticed Kringle, and with the help of Panini's ears and Gorgonzola's flame, Chowder got to the shmingerbread house Mung bought from Ms. Endive first and ate it in one bite.


  • Knish Kringle only talks by sticking out his tongue and making an "Ugh" sound.
  • After Knish Kringle heard the true meaning of Knishmas from Chowder, Knish Kringle gave Chowder a present, an electric broccoli trimmer with detachable non-electric cauliflower trimmers.