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King of the Sky
Occupation King of Weather
Age {{{age}}}
Affiliations The Sun and the Moon
Family The King of All Cosmos Father  ? The Queen of All Cosmos Mother ??
Species Deity
First Appearance Chowder's Girlfriend

The King of the Sky a.k.a K.O.T.S or Kots is the master of weather in Marzipan City. Although he never leaves his cloudy dominion he does however like to engage in activities occurring in Marzipan, such as the Taste of Marzipan festival, he also has a very short temper and will punish anyone even for so much as making the smallest noise (as seen in Mahjongg Night). and he never speaks. He seems to have a knack for dancing and a different room on every cloud.


  • Although he has not been named in the series, C.H. Greenblatt confirmed his name and role on his blog at Nerd Armada
  • According to C.H. Greenblatt the King of the Sky is based on the The King of All Cosmos from the popular game series Katamari Damacy.
  • In The Vacation, When Chowder grew from having to go Pee Pee, The King Of The Sky muttered out: "Huh?" this is the first time he spoke something.
  • Also, when Chowder fell asleep while listening to death metal music in The Sleep Eater, The King Of The Sky muttered "Huh?" again.
  • The king of the sky is a fan of the Marzipan Macadamias.

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