The King of the Sky is the master of weather in Marzipan City. Although he never leaves his cloudy dominion, he does enjoy engaging in the activities occurring in Marzipan, such as the Taste of Marzipan festival. He has a very short temper and will punish anyone, even for so much as making the smallest noise (as seen in "Mahjongg Night").

When he's not busy doing his job, he likes to dance and prepare various dishes, though due to his size, he usually uses things such as volcanoes to prepare his meals.

He is a man of few words, so little is known about him and his origin. However, he has made the occasional exclamation throughout the show (namely "The Vacation", "The Sleep Eater", and "The Heist"), and Dwight Schultz is credited with providing his voice.


The King of the Sky, while very large in overall size, is rather short. He has a small torso and limbs with a head the same height as his entire lower body.

He has turquoise skin and fluffy, light pink hair, that resembles a cloud. It sticks out from either side of his head. He also has a very squashed face and a very large chin. He has a small, triangular pink nose and a teal mustache directly underneath.

He bears a single-pointed crown tipped with a star. He is usually seen wearing a royal blue, long-sleeved top embroidered with storm clouds, with a V-shaped navy collar, as well as a navy belt with a moon buckle and purple pants.


  • Although he has not been named in the series, C.H. Greenblatt confirmed his name and role on his blog, Nerd Armada.[1]
  • The King of the Sky is based on the The King of All Cosmos from the game Katamari Damacy from the Katamari series of games.[1]
    • Greenblatt even stated that the purple pants the King of the Sky wears is directly taken from The King of All Cosmos.
  • The first time the King of the Sky's voice can be heard is in "The Vacation" when, after growing so large do to being unable to pee, Chowder broke through the walls of the bathroom. Upon seeing this, the King of the Sky muttered out, "Huh?"
    • In "The Sleep Eater", when Chowder is listening to Mung's death metal music album, the King of the Sky mutters the same explanation after being woken up by it.
  • The King of the Sky is a fan of the Big Ball team, the Marzipan Macadamias, as seen in "Big Ball".


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