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Occupation Pet
Age 10
Family Clabbage Cobbler (mate), Numerous mini cobblers, Chowder (owner)
Species Living Swamp Gas
First Appearance Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin (Pilot episode)
Voice actor C.H. Greenblatt

Kimchi is Chowder's pet and is a living stink cloud that talks by blowing raspberries which sound like farts. No one likes going near him but Chowder doesn't mind his smell. He is played by C.H. Greenblatt. Kimchi is in love with a Clabbage Cobbler. In The Garage Sale, Chowder says that Kimchi pees in his cage if he's gone for a long time.

Speech Pattern

Kimchi's style of speech consists of blowing raspberries and sounds like 'farting noises' (as he was mistaken to be). (But most of the time he is Farting)


Kimchi was born in a swamp. One day Mung forced young Chowder to get some flushrooms but their hideouse appearance frightened Chowder. He hid in a woods but he saw an innocent young Kimchi going home but a Crocadile (actually an aligator) was about to eat him. Chowder (supposeiblly) rescued Kimchi and claimed that he is now safe and will live with Chowder. Kimchi's family was horrified when they learned that Chowder stole/kidnapped him because that Alligator was actually Kimchi's home.


Often mistaken for a fart cloud, Kimchi is actually swamp gas because he grew up in a swamp (inside an alligator to be precise), as revealed in the episode "My Big Fat Stinky Wedding". Kimchi looks like a greener version of "The Flying Nimbus Of Roshi" from Dragon Ball Z with eyes, and like the Flying Nimbus, Chowder can sit on him and can use him as transportation like Goku. It could be possible than the Flying Nimbus was inspiration for Kimchi.

Kimchi's Girlfriend

Younger Kimchi

Young Kimchi

Kimchi's girlfriend was the Clabbage Cobbler, which he later married. The Cobbler had babies by making really tiny Clabbage Cobblers. But in the later episode, "My Big Fat Stinky Wedding", Kimchi was in an arranged marriage to Robert Limburger. That's why his almost-wife had a bag on its head.


  • To avoid dispute in South Korea, the Southeast Asian version of Cartoon Network, which broadcasts to South Korean audiences, muted every mention of his name in dialogue in the English audio feed. The channel's Korean language subtitle feed refers him as "지지" (Jiji), meaning "dirty thing". The channel itself does not have Korean audio feed because of South Korean media regulations.
  • In Japanese, Kimchi's name had been changed to Natto (なっとう), which is a Japanese bean dish known for its strong odor. This may have also been due to the fact the Kimchi is a Korean food.

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