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"Kid Shnitzel"
Season 2, Episode 9a
"The Deadly Maze"
"Gazpacho Fights Back"
Kid Shnitzel is 29a episode of middle season. It aired June 4, 2009 as part of the Festival of Chowder tv event.


To get out of work, Shnitzel acts like a kid, but Chowder now has to work but then acts like a baby ("Goo-goo, I'm a baby.") but Mung tells Shnitzel that he now has to work (Because he's 'older') but Shnitzel now is a 'baby' which drives Mung into sending them to the Baby Pound. Everything is silent...Until Frau Broten (the warden) shows up! She then throws Shnitzel against the ceiling and then milks and barfs him until the worst and most terrifying part... she wants to change his diaper! Shnitzel is afraid she will see his "business" and runs, driving the warden into pulling out her scissors and threatning to cut 'the stinky' off. After being caught,and about to become the vitcim of an extreme diaper changing, Shnitzel reveals he is a man (And Chowder, and everyone else). They return to Mung but discover Mung is going the same path as them, becoming a kid to get out of work, much to Shnitzel's annoyance.


  • This episode aired on 06/04/09 on the TV event the Festival of Chowder.
  • This is the first episode where we see Shnitzel act Chowder's age.
  • Chowder's catchphrase in this episode is "The business, Shnitzel! Protect the business!"
  • When Shnitzel arrives, it was a Six Million Dollar Man effect.
  • The bread Mung was holding, is possibly a baguette.
  • When Frau Broten wants to change Shnitzel's diaper, her voice changes from annoying to evil.
  • Gazpacho, being seen in a diaper and bonnet at the end of the episode, wasn't seen for the whole time before or for the remainder of the episode.
  • Frau Broten said the word "bosom" in this episode. "Bosom" is another word for "breast".
  • There is one part where there was a sponge bob noise.


  • Chowder tells Shnitzel to watch the language because this is a kid show.
  • Frau Broten was about to look at Shnitzel's business (penis), and literally put Shnitzel on her bosem (breast, boobs, etc)


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