Kevin made his only appearance in "Chowder's Catering Company". He is the only fuzzball in Chowder to have a name.


Kevin is no different from other fuzzballs appearance-wise. He's simply a black fuzzball with two prominent yellow eyes and a mouth.


After seeing the fuzzball enjoy the Foof N' Scoops Chowder was throwing away, Chowder nicknamed him "Kevin" and dubbed him his first customer. When Chowder took him home to introduce to Mung and Shnitzel, they promptly threw Kevin out as he was a dirty vermin and had no place in the kitchen. Soon after, Kevin let out a cry which summoned a whole swarm of fuzzballs. This inspired Chowder to start his own catering company.

Chowder smuggled the fuzzballs into the kitchen pantry back at the catering company where his own catering company was hosted. Everything went well until Mung and Shnitzel discovered fuzzballs invading every nook and cranny of the kitchen. Shnitzel went to investigate the source and discovered Chowder's secret business. When the rock monster threatened to tell Mung and have it shut down, Kevin encouraged Chowder to "take action." This led to Chowder knocking out Shnitzel with a frying pan and stuffing him into an empty pickle barrel to hide the evidence. He ended up doing the same to both Mung and Truffles on impulse out of the fear that they would also shut down his business.

Chowder was forced to play along with what the fuzzballs were urging him to do until they threatened his friends' lives. Kevin and the others attempted to toss the full barrel down the Wonder Hole, the largest, deepest hole in all of Marzipan City. Chowder, with a heavy heart, threw his beloved Foof N' Scoops down the Wonder Hole in order to save his friends, announced that his catering company was closed forever, and sent Kevin and the others off.


  • Kevin is one of the few characters in the show not named after food.