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In Hands On a Big Mixer, Mr. Fugu holds an auction for a big mixer. Everyone wants it, but in order to win it, they have to put their hands on it and the last person with their hand on it wins the mixer. Ms. Endive shows up and taunts Mung Daal. When it starts Gazpacho is starting to get nervous and takes his hand off with the a baby calling him well a baby Chowder is upset that Gazpacho is out but Mung tells them with him out their closer to the mixer with Chowder quickly forgetting him he farts with knocks out several other contastants. Panini is talking to Ceviche about who she likes more Chowder or something esle when Ceiviche says him or Chowder Panini says Chowder and Ceiviche runs away. Fugu gets bored and tells his cat to tell him a joke but even with a joke he tries and spice it up by hitting the chalengers with orange soda Chowder drinks his while the other try and hold on but Endive starts to melt and tell Mung to save her but he dosen't and she's out. Pleased with this Fugu cat sends out weiner dogs everybody runs away from the dogs but evantually Gorgonzola is caught and beat with pillows Chowder says to play dead and maybe they'll leave him alone but they still aren't tired and keep hitting him. Now they send out a giant troll that everyone has to battle but eventually Mung, Panini and Chowder are left but Mung takes his hand off and his out. Panini repaedetly kiss Chowder but the mixer then starts to roll away and they they still hold on and it crashes through Endive's roof everyone comes and Chowder is the only one left still having his hands on but Fugu says he is disqualified and tells him Chest Nut is the winner with Chowder says he hates weird endings.

Fun Facts

Real-World Refrences

  • The scene when Endive is melting from the the orange soda is similar to the Wizard of Oz, in which Dorothy throws water at the witch and says the same thing.


  • Mr. Fugu returns in this episode.
  • Second time someone tells a dirty joke
  • When Gazpacho appears as a Jedi (a big nerd according to Chowder though) the last sentence he said was: Gotta Go! Mother the Hutt is coming! Mother the Hutt is a parody from Jabba the Hutt in Star Wars.


  • When some of the contastants are being chased by weiner dogs and Gorgonzola was captured this cannot be possible as Mung was in the back so he should have been captured, not Gorgonzola.
  • before the Weiner Dogs get Gorgonzola, Stilton is not there but when they are beating him up he appears in front of Chowder.
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