Gumbo is a minor character that only appeared in "The Deadly Maze". He was Chowder's predecessor as Mung Daal's apprentice.

In "The Deadly Maze", he had lured Chowder into the trap of his Deadly Maze in order to get him out of the way so he could exact his revenge on Mung. His hatred for Mung stemmed from Mung having the gall to tell him his first dish, a Toiled Egg, was lacking a little Kooky Wacky Lamb Spice after having spent weeks on it.


Gumbo is a Cat/Bear/Rabbit with light green skin, teal hair, and fuchsia eyes. Like Porridge, he wears red/orange attire that resembles Chowder's. He looks like a combination of Chowder and Mung, in which he is the same species and has the same body-type as Chowder, but he also has a large nose with glasses and a mustache like Mung.

When he was a child, he lacked a mustache and instead had large, curly hair that stuck out from beneath his hat.


  • He is the 4th cat/bear/rabbit to be shown in the series.
  • Gumbo has a habit of speaking in echoes, such as repeating "Revenge" over and over, speaking quieter each time.
  • Unlike Chowder and Panini in "Chowder Grows Up", he didn't grow to be very tall.
  • Gumbo's name comes from a soup-like dish, gumbo.