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Chowder and Gumbo
Occupation Formerly: Cooking Apprentice
Affiliations Jeffrey, Baby Minotaur
Family Mung Daal (possible father)
Species Cat/Bunny/Bear
First Appearance "The Deadly Maze"
Last Appearance "The Blackout"
"The Garden"
Voice actor Richard Kind


Gumbo is a character first seen in The Deadly Maze. He is Mung Daal's old apprentice before Chowder. In the episode he plans to get his revenge on Mung in a deadly maze due to being tired of Mung critiquing his cooking. He plans to drown Mung in Kookie Wakky Lamb Spice. He is the same species as Chowder (Cat/Bear/Rabbit) and wears similar clothing in a light orange color. He has green skin and sports a mustache. He also has Mung Daal's nose. He looks like a fusion of Chowder and Mung Daal. He has a habit of speaking in echoes. He is bigger than Chowder. Chowder thought Gumbo was his brother because they have the same cooking master. He is seen with light fuchsia eyes when he is shocked or angry. When he was a kid, he didn't have his moustache yet, he was smaller, and he had short, curly, forest green hair.


  • He's the 4th Cat/Bear/Rabbit hybrid to be shown.
  • He is also not Mung Daal's first apprentice since Mung said, "There goes another one," when Gumbo left.
  • Gumbo hates Mung Daal.
  • Gumbo hired Jeffrey to guard The Deadly Maze, and later seems to regret it, since Jeffrey captured Gumbo and punished him by making him watch a small minotaur dance, which made Gumbo cry.
  • Gumbo makes a last seen cameo in The Blackout in the park.
  • Gumbo appears to be a combination of Chowder and Mung Daal, since he has Chowder's clothes, and Mung's big nose and handlebar mustache.
  • When he was Mung's apprentice, he had chothes like Chowder, a large nose like Mung and a vicious nature like Truffles. It is possible that Gumbo is Mung and Truffles' son, because he shares traits of both of them. However, there are many people in Marzipan City (and presumably the world) that have a nature like Gumbo. It is also possible that other inhabitants that are not related to Mung have a large nose like him.
  • see also Kid Nickles from Flapjack cartoon the first one look like two protagonists.
  • Gumbo's name comes from a soup-like dish, which makes sense since he's supposed to be like an evil version of Chowder.

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