Grits is a living golden statue who works as a street performer in Marzipan City. In "The Broken Part," when Chowder needed money for the feet attachment for the Feetza 5000, Grits helped him get the money by teaching him how to be a street performer. He painted Chowder silver and instructed him to act like a statue, and soon enough Chowder was able to get the money, but the feet he wanted were sold out. Luckily, Grits and the other street performers agreed to help Chowder make feetzas for Mung Daal in exchange for pocket change. Grits only appeared in "The Broken Part."


Grits takes on the appearance of a bald man with thick eyebrows, a large, ovate nose, and a broad upper body. While it's hard to tell due to his suit, he appears to have thin arms, similar to his legs. He wears a small top-hat, yellow-tinted glasses, a tuxedo with matching dress pants and shoes, and gloves. Underneath his glasses are two holes where his eyes would be.


  • Grits is very skilled in making feetza pies.
  • Grits is a type of porridge made from ground corn which is then turned into a coarse meal and boiled.