Occupation Street Performer
Affiliations Street Performers
Species Living Statue

Grits is a living gold statue who works as a street performer in Marzipan City. When Chowder needed money for the feet attachment for the Feetza 5000, Grits helped him get the money by teaching him how to be a street performer. So he painted Chowder silver and made him act like a statue, and soon enough Chowder got the money, but the feet he wanted were sold out. Luckily Grits and the other street performers agreed to help Chowder make Feetzas for Mung Daal in exchange for pocket change. Grits has no eyes. This is hidden by his glasses, but is revealed near the end.


  • Grits doesn't have any eyes.
  • He can make Feetza Pies on a conveyor belt.
  • He has a love for making MU-NAY!
  • He hides his empty eye holes with his gold glasses.
  • He danced in a song/montage with Chowder.

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