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Gazpacho Moves In is an episode where Gazpacho has an argument with his mother about if you should brush your teeth from back to front, or front to back, so he leaves. Chowder offers to let him stay at the catering company, but it turns out to be more trouble than it's worth. Mung gives Gazpacho a Multi-Rye Sandwich, sandwiches that makes a clone of yourself, to annoy Gazpacho out. It dosn't work, so Chowder gives Gazpacho a lot more Multi-Rye Sandwiches, and a lot more Gazpachos appear. Mung decides to kick Gazpacho out the old-fashioned way, but he can't find the real Gazpacho. Then he asks all the Gazpachos if they are the real one, and if they even say: "um...", Mung shoots them out with a fanner. Finally he finds the real Gazpacho and tells him to leave and he goes.


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