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Gazpacho's lip

Gazpacho's mouth

"Gazpacho Fights Back"
Season 2, Episode 9b
"Kid Shnitzel"
"The B.L.T.'s"
Gazpacho Fights Back is the 29b episode of middle season. It marks the first appearance of Rosemary.

When an intimidating woman starts stealing Gazpacho's produce, he and Chowder must think of a way to fight back, by going to the second strongest person they know.  He fails to stop Rosemary, and his arm disindigrates. They turn to Truffles and she states they "must face their own battles". They then take a trip into their minds, then grow curagous. They act psycho and Rosemary gives up. It turns out that Rosemary only wanted to talk to Gazpacho.


  • Rosemary couldn't of had babies if she is a single woman.
  • Judging by the ending, it's possible Rosemary was angry because she was a single woman or that she wanted Gazpacho to be her boyfriend.
  • The fourth wall breaks when Chowder sees Rosemary laying eggs he says " I thought this was a kids show."
  • Mung Daal had a brief appearance in this episode.
  • This is the second episode to have Gazpacho in the title. The first was Gazpacho Stands Up and the third time was Gazpacho Moves In.
  • Rosemary's babies is similar to the movie, Rosemary's Baby.
  • When Chowder is thinking of a plan, he holds his pinkie up to his mouth. This is what Dr Evil, the main villian in the Austin Powers movies, does.
  • When Rosemary calls Chowder, Peanut, it reflects off because he is a kid and is the same color as Jeff Dunham's Peanut puppet.


  • In The Thrice Cream Man, Truffles states she is lactose-intolarent. However, she is seen drinking chocolate milk in this episode. It's possible she made up her lactose-intolarent problem as an excuse.


  • Shnitzel is seen wearing glasses, when he is attacked by Rosemary's babies, they disappear.

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