Gazpacho's Mom
Gazpacho dressed as his mother
Gazpacho's Mom (it is actually Gazpacho.)
Aliases Gazpacho
Occupation N/A
Age N/A
Affiliations Gazpacho (mother)
Family Gazpacho (son)

Gazpacho's Dad (husband)

Species Wooly Mammoth
First Appearance Gazpacho!
Last Appearance The Spookiest House In Marzipan (really Gazpacho)
Voice actor Dana Snyder

Gazpacho's Mom is the overbearing mammoth/elephantine mother of Gazpacho. She drinks Fizzy River Juice Fruit because of her love for burping. She once gave a Meanie Cream Cake to Gazpacho. She makes her first true appearance in Gazpacho! although you can only see her back.


  • Gazpacho once thought about using swirly food to hypnotize his mother when Gorgonzola did it on Chowder.
  • She reads Gazpacho's diary.
  • She thinks she's always right about everything.
  • She doesn't like Gazpacho whistling.
  • She doesn't like Gazpacho being out late at night.
  • She is a possible parody of Maris Crane: the overbearing, unseen ex-wife of Niles Crane on Frasier.
    • They both serve as a personal antagonist to one particular character (Gazpacho's mother to Gazpacho; Maris to Niles)
  • She is mean and extremely strict to her son.
  • She could possibly be much more frightening than Truffles. But maybe only to Gazpacho.
  • She doubts that Gazpacho can make dreams come true, she thinks he can only destroy them.
  • She takes him to the "baby pound" sometimes.
  • She has a really big nose, according to The Blast Raz.
  • Gazpacho once said "When I hear mother burp all is calm in the world.. I just wish she didn't do it in my face." in the episode Mung on the Rocks.
  • She says Gazpacho can only have one surprise a day.
  • She thinks that everyone should brush their teeth from back to front.
  • She doesn't appear on screen similar to another Cartoon Network show, Ed, Edd n Eddy, where everyone's parents are never seen but mentioned a lot.
  • She taught Gazpacho the gift of gab.
  • She doesn't let Gazpacho kiss any girls besides herself.
  • She needed refresher courses at clown college. In The Blast Raz, this episode mentioned her a lot.

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