Chowder talking to a fuzzball.

A fuzzball is a small vermin that is made up of dirt, dust, and other particles. They are sentient creatures and take on the appearance of a small black fuzzball with two eyes and a large mouth. They are incredibly dirty and will stain anything it touches with dirt. Much like rats, they are heavily detested by society and live near places where dirt and grime is most often found, such as in trash cans or in the sewers.


Chowder finding Kevin for the first time.

In "Chowder's Catering Company", Chowder met a fuzzball whom he promptly named Kevin and fed him his Foof N' Scoops. Kevin became his first customer, and a whole horde of fuzzballs soon came after. The catering company was invaded with a swarm of fuzzballs after Chowder smuggled them in to run his own business. Chowder unfortunately had to shut down the business and drive his customers away when they threatened the lives of his family after they threatened his business.


  • Fuzzballs are similar in nature to dust bunnies which are large clumps of dust that are formed from the build up of dust, lint, hair, dead skin, and other particles.
  • While Fuzzballs are already greatly disliked by the Marzipanian society, Mung Daal seems to detest them the most out of anybody that lives there due to their inherent filthiness and his fear of dirt.

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