FusionFall was an open world MMO that had the player fight to defeat the evil Lord Fuse. Through leveling up, the player would receive Nanos - tiny versions of Cartoon Network characters with three powers each that could help in battle, transport, and collecting. The game shut down on August 23, 2013. However, the game is currently being revived by fans in two forms, both under the banner FusionFall Universe. One version is FusionFall Legacy, which is a complete re-imagining of the original game, while the other, FusionFall Retro, is the original game on new servers with bug fixes.

Chowder Representation

  • In Goat's Junk Yard, there is an advertisment for Mung Daal's Catering.
  • A Chowder Hat is obtainable, as well as several other Chowder-themed items.
  • A Chowder Nano was released in FusionFall.
  • Kimchi is a vehicle in the game.
  • Chowder was in the game for the Christmas/Knishmas event in 2009, and returned with Shnitzel for the Birthday Bash event in 2010 (alongside characters like Flapjack, T.O.M, Zak Saturday, etc).
  • Chowder and Schnitzel were eventually made permanent characters for the Chowder's IncrEdible Journey FusionFall Adventure. This also introduced Sour Ron, generic Puckerberry Overlords, and the Wisdom Tooth.