Frau Broten
JVC Everio 123
The new picture of Frau, holding Shnitzel and a bottle.
Aliases N/A
Occupation Warden
Age N/A
Affiliations N/A
Family N/A
Species Giantess
First Appearance Kid Shnitzel
Last Appearance N/A
Voice actor Jeff Bennett
Frau Broten is the warden of the Baby Pound who only appeared in the episode "Kid Shnitzel". She is a very large woman (6 Shnitzels high & 3 1/2 Shnitzels wide) that wears a purple dress and has a strange voice. In the episode, she appeared after the baby warned Chowder and Shnitzel about her. She picked Shnitzel up and decided to do baby stuff to him (playing whoopsy daisies with him (which crashes Shnitzel into the ceiling), give him milk, give him burps, etc.). When she was about to change Shnitzel's 'stinky', he decided that a babies' life isn't as cracked up to be, and tries to stop her. Inspired by Shnitzel's bravery, the other babies (that were really men in disguise) also decide that they do not want to live a babie's life and that they want to work. They convince Frau Broten to stop treating them like babies. Then Frau Broten ran away, claiming to be used.


  • Frau Broten only appears in Kid Shnitzel, which is strange because the baby pound appeared in other episodes (Panini for President and Old Man Thyme (but in Panini for President, it was a hospital.)
  • Frau Broten said the word "bosom" in the episode, which is another word for "breast". Usually on cartoons, people would not say "bosom", as it's usually considered inappropriate. In a poetic sense, though, "bosom" can mean something akin to someone's embrace.

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