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JVC Everio 131
Frank threatening someone with a whip.
Aliases Servant
Occupation Henchman of Sour Ron
Age N/A
Affiliations Sour Ron (boss)

Chowder (friend, however not at first)

Family N/A
Species Puckerberry (species)
First Appearance The Puckerberry Overlords
Last Appearance N/A
Voice actor ?♥

Frank is a puckerberry minion and is the right hand man of Sour Ron. So far he has only appeared in the episode, "The Puckerberry Overlords". Chowder thought that he was grumpy because he had to go to the bathroom (make a poo).


  • The fact that Chowder thought that Frank needed to go to the bathroom is similar to Shnitzel needing to go to the bathroom, referenced in the same episode that Frank appeared ("The Puckerberry Overlords").