Foof N' Scoops is the name of a recipe thrown together by Chowder. It was displayed with pride to Mung Daal in "Chowder's Catering Company" as he had spent all night hard at work creating the dish. A "foof" consists of various non-food items, such as shoes, clothes, fungus, and other grime, sandwiched between two pieces of bread. This, evidently, does not make for a very good meal. When Chowder made Mung taste his dish, he promptly threw it up.

An upset Chowder soon went out to throw away his beautiful creation for good when suddenly he encountered Kevin, a fuzzball. Chowder quickly discovered that he and all the other fuzzballs in the city were the only ones who enjoyed the dish.


Chowder proudly displaying his dish.

Chowder became inspired to start his own business, one in which he served only Foof N' Scoops and catered only to the fuzzballs that enjoyed them. As Mung and Shnitzel both disapproved of these vermin being inside the kitchen, Chowder managed his business in secret within a pantry. All went well until Shnitzel discovered this secret and threatened to shut down his business. In response to this, the fuzzballs threatened the lives of Shnitzel, Mung, and Truffles, all of whom Chowder feared would get in the way of his dreams. After realizing the scope of the situation, Chowder was forced to sacrifice either his friends or his dreams. He, of course, chose the latter and threw his Foof N' Scoops down the Wonder Hole, never to be seen again before shooing the fuzzballs away.


  • Chowder's jingle for the dish, "They're magically Fooflicious!",[1] is a parody of the Lucky Charms jingle.
  • As a gag, when Chowder states that he put "a lot of heart into it", the scene cuts to a version of the Foof N' Scoops that's filled with hearts.
  • One of the ingredients in the dish seen is a white and blue-striped shirt. This is likely a reference to The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, as one of the main characters, Billy, wears a white shirt with blue stripes.


  1. "Chowder's Catering Company"
    Chowder: But I know customers will want to eat my Foof N' Scoops! ♪ They're magically Fooflicious! ♪

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