The Flutternut Tart is a dish that is implied to be a type of tart. The recipe must be followed correctly or the tart becomes very dangerous, similar to the Belgain Waffle Slobber Barker. It was cooked in the beginning of the episode "Taste Buds" and create the dilemma in the episode.

Fluffer Nut Tarts


(The ingredients are put in a poem because that is a good way of remembering them.)

  1. Shmeggs make legs for a little kick.
  2. Grapes a bunch to give it some punch.
  3. Beans for wings to make the taste soar.
  4. And a pinch of Delight to give it some bite.


  • Give it more than a pinch, like Chowder did, and it will go feral, as demonstrated by it biting Mung Daal's tongue and breaking it.
  • It is very ironic that the Fluffer Nut Tart goes feral by adding too much Delight, because the Fluffer Nut Tart didn't appear to be delighted at all. Perhaps 'delight' was put in the poem to rhyme.
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