A pair of flushrooms.

Flushrooms are a mutant species of Marzipanian mushrooms. They were only seen in the flashback sequence of "My Big Fat Stinky Wedding" where Mung Daal sends out a young Chowder to obtain some flushrooms from the swamp.

While flushrooms are rather small, they can easily scare people by looks and noises alone. While they can speak in the Marzipanian tongue, they usually only let out their call of "googly oogly oogly".


Flushrooms have green stems with a yellow-spotted red cap as well as yellow gills. They also have faces which protrude from underneath the cap that bear six yellow eyes—three on either side—and a large, grey jaw lined with many sharp teeth. They also have a pair of feet tipped with the volva and a set of large claws.

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