Florentine is the main antagonist in the episode "The Poultrygeist" and an expired flurkey dish. After being cooked and abandoned behind the radiator, left to rot, its spirit possessed the dish, thus turning it into a Poultrygeist seeking revenge on Mung Daal.


Chowder, possessed by Florentine.

During a storm of objects being flung around the room, he possessed Chowder after being eaten by him. Intent on wreaking havoc upon Mung Daal, he proceeded to destroy the kitchen piece by piece with his new, plump body.

After causing destruction all throughout the kitchen, Shnitzel and Mung were able to capture Florentine and tie him up. They took him through the Gravy Yard to a spot with aerobics equipment, specifically a treadmill.

Poultrygeist (2)

Florentine in his new flurkey body.

After tying him on the treadmill, they forced him to run and run until he'd leave Chowder's body. The plan worked and Florentine's ghost proceeded to find its way into a freshly-cooked flurkey dish Mung had cooked up real quick, calming his spirit.


  • Florentine's name is possibly a reference to a way of preparing dishes originated from Florence, Italy. Food prepared à la Florentine typically consists of a main ingredient (such as poultry) being served on a bed of spinach, cooked on butter, topped with grated cheese and a Béchamel sauce, and finally broiled until browned.