Flung and flitzel

Flung and Flitzel, two examples of Flenguins.

Flenguins are penguin-like creatures that resemble Chowder's friends. They most likely also resemble other characters that have appeared, such as Reuben (Fluben) and Ceviche (Feviche). However, Flenguins were just made in Chowder's subconcious to guide him out of his dillema. In The Brain Freeze, Chowder met Flung and Flitzel (replicas of Mung and Shnitzel) and together they went to cure his brain freeze. There are more characters of flenguins that look like characters in Marzipan City.

Flenguin Characters

  • Flung (Mung Daal) Tries to help Chowder get out of his brain freeze
  • Flitzel (Shnitzel) Tries to help Chowder get out of his brain freeze
  • Fluffles (Truffles) Lessens Chowder's condition with enchanted salt and tells him he can do it when he's about to give up trying to get the fur coat from Flazpacho
  • Flanini (Panini) Guides Chowder to Flazpacho, but first arrived at Make-Out Point
  • Flendive (Endive) Greatly endeavors to win Flazpacho's fur coat to keep her lip flubber from wilting
  • Flazpacho (Gazpacho) Acts as a key element to getting Chowder out of his brain freeze

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