Flazpacho is Gazpacho's mammoth counterpart. He is only seen in the episode "The Brain Freeze" where he has the fur coat Chowder needs to get home. Instead of Walking on 2 feet he prefurs walking on all 4s. He is not a flenguin. Chowder gets his name mixed up with Gazpacho, since he looked alot like him. Under his coat he has Gazpacho's clothes minus the shirt.

Likes or Interest


In the episode The Brain Freeze Flazpacho says that he likes icescapayding so he is the judge when Flendive and Chowder compete.

French Poodles

After Chowder makes a poodle in the ice Flazpacho says out loud that he "Loves French Poodles" and he then talks about all of the French Poodles body parts.