Finger Paints appear as disembodied fingers(with bones inside) coating in a thin layer of colored paint. They are apparently edible, though since they have nails this is presumably not advised. They come in sets like crayons, in Finger Paint Boxes, only seen in the episode 'Paint the Town'. They may be capable of making drawings come to life, but this may have just been an effect of the strange area Chowder found himself in during the episode. They can also talk, capable of shouting 'No more!' when the paint runs dry. It is not known if there is a way to refill them.

With them, Chowder drew himself 'an electric guitar' (who turned out to be Pepperjack) and immediately proceeded to make Chowder Land, along with residents such as 'Fishquack' and 'Chickenbark'. The paints have not been seen since.

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