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"Fanon:Brother and Brother"
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Brother and Brother is a fanon created by, also known as Alexander Octavius Johnson ll.


Chowder and Mung Daal try to find some Frapples for their Frapple Juice. Instead, they find a boy in the frapple tree named Cheddar. Chowder remembered Cheddar from their childhood, because he is Chowder's brother. But Reuben tells them that Cheddar was his slave. Mung felt sad about him because he was a slave to Rueben. So, they started to make a bet who he would choose. Reuben threatened Cheddar with his stuffed teddy bear and would rip it if he did not choose him. He ends up ripping the teddy bear. Cheddar got mad, attacked Reuben and chose Mung Daal's place as a home. In the end, Mung has two apprentice chefs that live together.



  • Even though Clamder is Chowder's relative, he/she doesn't appear in this fanon.
  • After the events of Brother and Brother, Cheddar got a new teddy bear to replace his old one which was ruined by Reuben.

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