Escargot is an old, female Snail Car. She is a lime-colored snail with a yellow "shell". She has four doors with two on either side and has room for a typical party of four people. Escargot is voiced by Dana Snyder, the voice of Gazpacho.

As pointed out by Chowder in "The Snail Car", Escargot has a pimple-covered floor, a sweaty air conditioner, seats that fold up when no one wants them to, and will often fall asleep while in the middle of being driven, all of which are results of her old age.

Chowder seems to be the only character to truly respect Escargot and deeply care for her. Shnitzel could care less and Mung Daal has a deep disrespect for her despite putting up with her.



  • Whenever Escargot falls asleep, if she's currently being driven, she will run uncontrollably as any tools, like the driving wheel, will lock up.
  • Escargot's name is named after escargot, a dish usually served in Portugal, Spain, and France that consists of a cooked land snail, typically served insides its shell.