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Escargot is a female Snail Car. She is a minor character seen in the series. In The Snail Car, Mung Daal replaces Escargot with a new car, but Chowder wants her back.

Escargo and the Mung Daal Catering Company.


  • Chowder is the only one who respects her.
  • In many episodes, Escargot was faster now she's slow, maybe she's getting old.
  • She almost gets replaced by the S-86 in the episode called The Snail Car.
  • Escargot is based on a French snail dish.
  • She is shown when either Chowder, Mung, or Shnitzel make a delivery.
  • Her air conditioner sweats.
  • Her floor has lots of pimples.
  • She sometimes sleeps while you drive. This makes the car run uncontrollably
  • She got caught on fire in The Wrong Address.
  • She was part of the background in Panini for President.
  • Mung doesn't respect her much, believing she is a menace.

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