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Plague disease of terror! Shnitzel goes wild! Chowder goes wild!
Smelly man

Chowder,Kimchi and a smelly man!

Won Ton Bombs

Young Mung,alot of ladies and Lo Mein celebrate!

Summer donuts

That's gonna leave a mark!

Chowder-flurting with a sandwich

The end of the episode!


Chowder looking at Mung and Shnitzel.


Rosemary goes radda!

Sliced finger dingys

Mung tries to lock up Chowder for putting the wrong ingredient in.

Giant sandwitch

Chowder putting a big sandwich on Rosemary.

Puckerberry squirt tart recipe

Puckerberry terror!

Background characters 1

Two people go and have an order of a meatball.

Deadly maze-bear trap

Gumbo ends up on a trap!

63556496 570

Chowder and Mung are scared!

Hni 0006

Powder celebrates the party!


The beginning.

Baby minotaur

A baby minotaur scared Mung!

Young gumbo

Original Gumbo denies a trap!

Corn on the clob

Chowder's corn on a clob!

Shnitzel devo

Shnitzel's ra,ra,ra,ra,ra,ra!

and alot more! see images. the end.

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