A créme puff is a French choux pastry ball with sweet, moist filling on the inside. The filling can consist of custard, pastry cream, whipped cream, or ice cream. In the show, crème puffs only appeared in "Crème Puff Hands" when Truffles required a batch of them.




The crème puff batter is made using a sack of flour, one shmegg, and other additional ingredients typically used for choux pastry batter. The dough is then placed inside a Crème Puff Puffer and injected with crème.


  • In the show, créme puffs are not given a made up name. They are based off of the real world cream puff.
  • Créme is often mistakenly written as "creme."
  • Other spellings of créme puff include cream puff, choux à la crème, and profiterole, the latter two of which are French-based spellings.
  • Crème puffs were never visually seen in the show; only their ingredients were ever shown.

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