Creme puff puffer

Creme Puff Puffer
First Apperance:
Creme Puff Hands
Last Apperance:
Creme Puff Hands
Filling Creme Puffs

The Creme Puff Puffer is a machine used to Fill Creme Puff's with it's main Ingredient, Cream. Chowder accidentally it to Enlarge his hand, this let him Rescue a Baby, Stop the Wall from leaking, Making him an Instant Celebrity. His Hand Then shrunk, going back to the Machine (Which had been Fixed) And Enlarged his Hand to Be 'Helpful', He attempted to regain his fame, But ended in Failure. He still thought he had been sucsessful and tried to Enlarge it so he can 'Help the World'. He then had a Dispute with Mung Daal and he managed to Swallow the Creme by letting it in his Stomach. The Creme from Mung's Nose then Was Squirted into Chowder's mouth. The Machine was then Fixed again and Truffles Made the creme puffs.

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